About Us

Founded in 1994, the Porto-based Parfos is one of the most successful brands in the accessories market. The company currently operates 900 stores across 65 countries, and aims to reach the mark of 1,000 stores by the end of the year. FashionUnited spoke to Susana Coerver, Parfos’ Director of Marketing and Communication about the brand’s expansion plans.

What is your expansion strategy?

We’ve entered several new markets over the past year, including the Netherlands, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Mauritania, Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Honduras, as well as joining Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform.

This year, expanding in Latin America is our most important goal. We plan on opening 11 more stores in Mexico and entering a new market in the region. We also plan to consolidate our presence in the countries where we already operate, and explore expansion possibilities in Eastern Europe and Asia.

But it’s not just about opening new stores. Making sure there are new items in store every week is a huge priority for us, as we aim to offer customers what they want right away. We’re also constantly working on improving the design and quality of our products.

We also focus on social media, striving to always improve our content. We work with a significant amount of influencers, whom we call “Parfos & Friends”